Exergen Corporation is the recognized world leader in industrial and medical non-invasive temperature technology. From providing temperature sensors for NASA and various industries to creating one of the world’s most popular baby gifts, Exergen creates non-invasive temperature measurement devices providing lower cost, higher accuracy, less invasiveness, and greater reliability than ever previously possible. Founded by Harvard-research scientist, Dr. Francesco Pompei, over three decades ago, Exergen Corporation is based in Watertown, Massachusetts, USA. Read More

Medimaging Integrated Solution

As a rising star in global medical device sector, Medimaging Integrated Solution Inc. (MiiS) is a trusted partner of Hospitals, Medical Schools, and Health Organizations, providing worldwide practitioners with first-class digital and portable diagnostic solutions. Since its establishment, MiiS has been involved in the design and manufacturing of digital hand-held diagnostic scopes that meet the highest quality standard in the world. In addition, the Company produces auxiliary tools to enhance effectiveness and efficiency of healthcare practice. Read More


Vorotek was founded in 1971 by Australian ENT surgeon Dr John Vorrath. For over forty years Dr Vorrath has been developing and manufacturing fully integrated optical systems with illumination. He developed the original Voroscope and was the co-developer of the LumiView in 1993. His aim has always been to provide users with products which enhance their capability for examination, instrumentation and procedures. Read More

Welch Allyn

At Welch Allyn, we are pragmatic visionaries focused on helping healthcare providers overcome complex challenges with simple solutions. We approach each day with a simple commitment—deliver the everyday practical diagnostic tools that help doctors and nurses provide better care for their patients. Since 1915, we have continually applied practical innovations in ways that help healthcare professionals deliver more advanced and comprehensive care, optimize their time and skill, and improve their patients’ outcomes. Read More

Critical Care


US-based Amsino has provided high value medical products to the US and global markets since 1993, and has offices and two FDA-registered factories in China. Owning our factories gives us greater control over our quality and reliability. We are dedicated to creating the best value for our customers worldwide by providing the highest quality products and services at competitive prices. We believe that complete customer satisfaction in all areas of our operation is the key to our success and future growth. Amsino products are distributed in the United States and more than 30 other countries worldwide. Read More


TUTA is an Australian owned company engaged in the development, manufacture and distribution of quality medical devices and equipment, with particular expertise in sterile and non-sterile medical plastics for use in surgery and transfusion. Key to TUTA’s success is innovation and a customer-centric focus that allows us to design and develop new products to enable advances in clinical techniques that meet the requirements of leading medical professionals. Read More


Unomedical (A ConvaTec Company) is one of the pioneers of single-use disposable medical products. Unomedical was established in Denmark in 1964 under the name of PharmaPlast DK. The company was one of the first in the world to use plastic as a material for medical products. After changing its name to UnoPlast and a change of ownership, the company is currently known as Unomedical – A ConvaTec Company. In addition to the registered office in Denmark, Unomedical and ConvaTec operate a number of production sites and distribution centres across the world. Read More



Hollister Incorporated is an independent, employee-owned company that develops, manufactures, and markets healthcare products and services worldwide. We offer advanced medical products for Ostomy Care, which includes two strong global brands – Hollister Ostomy and Dansac Ostomy; Continence Care; Critical Care; and Wound Care. We also provide innovative healthcare programs and services, as well as educational materials for patients and healthcare professionals. Hollister has been serving healthcare professionals and patients for more than 95 years — making a difference in the journey of life for people throughout the global community. Read More


Bike Labyrinth

Bike Labyrinth is an innovative product that originated from a research project at Leiden University (Media Technology Master of Science). This 2007 research project “City tour of Choices” was the basis for Bike Labyrinth. After a very successful pilot in a nursing home, we professionalized the setup in the same year and started expanding our collection of tours. Through the years we have built up a large network of clients, providing us with a valuable amount of feedback that we use to improve our product according to the clients’ wishes. Read More

Free Bionics

FREE Bionics’ journey began at the first team of scientists in ITRI Taiwan (Industrial Technology Research Institute, the national leading institute which developing robotic technology) . After overcoming obstacles and challenges, with 2016 R&D 100 award, our team spun off from ITRI in 2017. We are the first independent company in Taiwan developing powered exoskeletons, exo-suits and bionic technology products. We provide various exoskeleton products and solutions to make people’s life easier and better. Read More


HASOMED GmbH is an owner-managed company focusing on neurological rehabilitation. All products of HASOMED GmbH have been developed in close interdisciplinary cooperation with medical partners, especially with rehabilitation clinics and neuroscientists. For 25 years, the system RehaCom has evolved and used for the rehabilitation of brain injured individuals. Nowadays RehaCom is market leader in computer-assisted cognitive rehabilitation. It is available in 18 languages and distributed worldwide. About 90% of all neurological rehabilitation clinics throughout German speaking countries currently use RehaCom on a daily basis. Read More


The RECK Company is the world market leader in the field of motor-assisted movement therapy. Our team works daily to make sure that people all over the world can benefit from the MOTOmed movement therapy. Ideas, innovations, research, development, production, administration, and marketing – all under one roof, first-hand by RECK: ”Made in Germany” for over 30 years. Read More


Tyromotion GmbH is one of the world-wide leading manufacturers and distributors of robot- and computer-assisted therapy units for the rehabilitation sector. The company focusses on the development of novel technologies based on the use of powerful mechatronic systems for rehabilitation. These systems help physicians and therapists to reach their goal of guiding their patients through the rehabilitation process faster and in a more motivating way. Today the innovative therapy units of Tyromotion GmbH are being used in rehabilitation centers and clinics world-wide. By now, the company with headquarters in Graz has additional branch establishments in Germany and the USA. Read More

Surgical Instruments


RUDOLF was established as a company in 1950, but its roots reach back to the beginning of the 20th century and are to be found in the craftsmanship tradition of scissors manufacturing in Fridingen. We are a team who cherishes the knowhow passed on through generations as much as progress, modern technology, lasting values and the long-time, trustful relationships with our partners worldwide.The quality of our products and services is based on the responsibility we have and on our respect towards the people we are working with. Read More



It’s almost two decades that Bremed is a success story of a family owned business which originated in Italy. And since 1991, Bremed’s commitment has been to place on the market innovative and high quality products in order to satisfy the needs of the customers worldwide. As a leading Italian company we have constantly improved our skill and competence in developing, innovating and controlling two main technologies – Digital Sensors, Motor and Pumps. Through which we manufacture a wide range of health care products, for several different applications. Read More


Built around a deep understanding of our clients’ needs over 30 years, Hospimek delivers quality hospital furniture and after-sales service that exceed expectations. The Singapore-headquartered Group has garnered numerous accolades in testament of its strong focus on quality, innovation and customer service and today services clients in Asia and Europe. Read More